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Delivering Sexual Health in Different Ways

What you will learn

  • Changes to National Guidance in relation to contraception and STIs
  • Remote and Face to Face management of contraception and STIs
  • When and how to refer to a specialist service
  • Any questions that you might have


This session will aim to support you in managing the contraception and sexual health needs of your patients in a changing environment.

An additional 30 minutes at the end of this session (15:00-15:30) is focused ONLY on Nottingham local services. None of the course fee goes towards that segment.



Session time: 13:30-15:00
  • General Session
Session time: 15:00-15:30
  • Additional Nottingham local session

When: 13 May 2021

Duration: 2 hours

Via Zoom
  • Available to:
  • ANP
  • GP
  • Nurse

Lunch & refreshments will NOT be provided


Dr Anna Soames