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LIMITED SEATS ISSUE #1 Check limited seats trigger label display - course list page shows "Limited Spaces" label but single course page doesn't - example: course list page: https://www.pcdc.01dev.online/course-list/ + single course page:  https://www.pcdc.01dev.online/courses/mandatory-fields/  This course is set to 10 seats in total and the limited seats trigger is also 10.

Note: all fixes have been implement EXCEPT "Offline" > "Total number of seats" / "Limited seats trigger"


BACKEND COURSES MANDATORY FIELDS - Course Page "course title", "course description", "Course Type" (and "course venue" if course is OFFLINE), "Additional Terms" (see issue #10 on list) - GENERAL SETTINGS: "Total number of seats" + "limited number of seats", "Course available for", "Lunch and refreshments" - COURSE CONTENT: "Overview"
PARTIAL PASS: TESTED: all relevant fields have been made mandatory for course publishing EXCEPT for "Course type > Offline > "Total number of seats" * & "Limited seats trigger" (fields are marked with * asterisk but course can be published without them being filled (should not be able to do this)


BACKEND COURSES MANDATORY FIELDS - Settings "Access Mode" MUST be set to "Closed", "Course Price", "Course Completion" > "Course Completion Certificate"
FAIL: able to set "Access Mode" to "Free", "Open", "Boy Now", etc. - should only be able to set to "Closed"  - PASS: "Course Price is required", "Course Certificate is required"


BACKEND COURSES MANDATORY FIELDS - Right Hand Menu "Course Category", "Set featured image"


LABEL ISSUE - "ONLINE" + "VIA ZOOM" if "Course Type" = ONLINE and "Zoom Course" = YES > labels nesting on course list page - should be  "ONLINE" label on LHS, "VIA ZOOM" label on RHS - see "Test - Funded by organisation" example https://www.pcdc.01dev.online/course-list/
FAIL: single course page only shows "Online Course" label on single course page ("Via Zoom" label missing) AND still shows course venue (should not happen with ONLINE/ZOOM courses - https://shorturl.at/rxCG9) - NOTE: "Course List" page shows both labels > no longer nesting (so this is a PASS - https://shorturl.at/biH48)


When: 01 Nov 2024

Duration: 10 Min

  • Restrictions:
  • Test Org 1 – Locality 1

Additional Terms: If you do not attend the training on the day, your organisation will be invoiced for the full attendance cost. If you give one working week or less notice that you will not be able to attend, your organisation will be invoiced for the full attendance cost if we are unable to reallocate your space.

Lunch & refreshments will be provided