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Identification of Common Minor Illness Conditions Presenting in Primary Care


  • To appropriately document the patients’ history and perform a clinical examination to identify and manage a wide range of common minor conditions presenting in adults.
  • Understand best practice and provide the theoretical background for commonly encountered conditions


This course is for ALL allied health professionals (such as Nurses, Non-medical prescribers, Pharmacists) who have been working in primary care for a few months or longer and are aiming to advance their skills in clinical practice.

The course will equip the clinician with diagnostic skills to enable them to take an appropriate history, undertake a physical examination in relation to the common minor illness presenting conditions in adults in the primary care setting. Developing confidence in safe decision-making skills to determine an appropriate course of action to manage and prioritise care. On successful completion of the course the attendees will be ready to gain competency in the specified areas on returning back to the work place.

The practitioner is expected to complete clinical competencies within their working environment after completion of the course to ensure safe and competent practice.



Day 1 (20/7/21) Session Time: 09:30-16:30
  • Taking a clinical history appropriate to the presenting complaint following a systematic approach and incorporating documentation and record keeping
  • Initial and general observations of the presenting patient; such as mental state, behaviour and hand signs
  • Recognising common presentations in Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) concerns, such as otitis externa, tonsillitis and sinusitis
  • Recognising common presenting symptoms in the respiratory system, such as cough, SOB, wheeze and identifying associated common conditions
  • Recognising common presenting symptoms in the cardiovascular system, such as chest pain, SOB, palpitations and identifying associated common conditions
  • Demonstration and practice; the examination in ENT, cervical lymphadenopathy, respiratory and cardiovascular systems
Day 2 (21/7/21) Session Time: 09:30-16:30
  • Recognising common abdominal symptoms such as pain, changes in bowel habits, urinary concerns and identifying associated common conditions
  • Demonstration and practice; the examination in the abdomen, identifying the anatomical zones and clinical signs
  • Recognising common skin complaints and rashes presenting in adults and children
  • Prioritising care; to incorporate safety netting advise and appropriate onward referral. Taking into account legal and professional responsibilities
  • Discuss and outline the competencies to be carried out following completion of the course to ensure safe and confident practice
  • Conclusion and evaluation

When: 20 Jul 2021

Duration: Two Days

Venue: NBV Enterprise Centre, 6 David Lane, Nottingham

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  • Available to:
  • ANP
  • Nurse
  • Pharmacist
Special Notes:

Please bring stethoscope, BNF etc and wear light clothing

Lunch & refreshments will be provided


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