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Minor Illness: The Identification & Management of Common Conditions in Primary Care

What you will learn

  • The practitioner is expected to complete clinical competencies within their working environment after completion of the course to ensure safe and competent practice.
  • The clinical practitioner will be able to appropriately document the patients’ history and perform a clinical examination to identify, treat and manage a wide range of common minor conditions presenting in primary care.
  • Understand best practice and provide the theoretical background for commonly encountered conditions.





Day 1
  • Taking a clinical history appropriate to the presenting complaint.
  • Documentation and record keeping.
  • Indemnity, professional and legal responsibilities.
  • Recognising common presentations in Ear, Nose and Throat concerns, such as otitis externa, tonsillitis and sinusitis.
  • Recognising common presenting symptoms in the respiratory system, such as cough, SOB, wheeze and identifying associated common conditions.
  • How to conduct a physical examination in ENT, respiratory and cardiovascular systems.
Day 2
  • Recognising common abdominal symptoms such as pain, changes in bowel habits, urinary concerns and identifying associated common conditions.
  • Recognising common skin complaints and rashes presenting in primary care in adults and children. Also identifying notifiable diseases and how to inform the health protection team.
  • How to conduct a physical examination of the abdomen and the skin.
  • Discuss and outline of competencies to be carried out following completion of the course to ensure safe and confident practice.
  • Conclusion and evaluation.

When: 02 Dec 2020

Duration: 2 Days 09:30-16:30

Venue: NBV Enterprise Centre, 6 David Lane, Nottingham

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  • Available to:
  • ANP
  • Nurse
  • Pharmacist
Special Notes:

This course is suitable for nurses who have been working in primary care for a few months or longer, Non-Medical Prescribers, Pharmacists and Allied Professionals.

Lunch & refreshments will be provided


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