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Wound Care, Tissue Viability and Infection Control – Part 1


  • Describe the structure and function of skin
  • Understand the process of wound healing by regeneration
  • Recognise the stages of wound healing by primary and secondary intention
  • Identify factors likely to impede wound healing
  • Identify the risk factors for infections and the appropriate management of infections
  • Be confident to discuss infection management and prevention with the patient and carers
  • Recognise key elements of holistic wound assessment
  • Recognise key characteristics of chronic wounds
  • Consider the underlying aetiology or cause of a number of wounds likely to be seen in general practice
  • Take a problem solving approach towards wound assessment and management


We recommend that staff who require this training attend an update every 3 years, this is to ensure they are aware of the most up to date information, skills, techniques and consumables / dressings.

Due to the ongoing restrictions due to Coronavirus, the number of attendees has been limited for this training therefore the cost per person has increased.



Session time: 13:30-16:30

When: 14 Jun 2021

Duration: Half Day

Venue: NBV Enterprise Centre, 6 David Lane, Nottingham

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  • Available to:
  • ANP
  • Nurse
Special Notes:

Masks and gloves must be worn for this session.

Refreshments will be provided


Alison Parnham

Alison Parnham, RGN. BSc (Hons) in Tissue Viability and Specialist Nursing Practice, Practitioner Health Lecturer University of Nottingham School of Health Sciences.

Fiona Branton