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Paul has extensive experience in the IG arena:

  • Worked for the Police, Local Authority and NHS
  • Started working in IG in 1994
  • Currently a consultant for NHS England
  • NHS Digital Lead Adviser
  • His company has £20 million legal indemnity insurance

This Management Service will cover:

  • Support with your DS&P Toolkit
  • Production of all IG policies/Procedures/Patient Information required by the organisation (remotely)
  • Bi Monthly IG update bulletin email (remotely)
  • A Helpdesk facility for all Governance queries

The GP Information Governance Management to cover:

  • Act as Organisations DPO (art 37 GDPR requirement)
  • GDPR compliance planning
  • Production, management and assurance for all practices required Governance policies, processes, procedures and patient information to comply with GDPR, DPA2018 and the DS&P toolkit requirements
  • Document templates for practices DS&P Toolkit submission
  • Dedicated helpdesk call facility – used extensively by practices all across the country
  • Management of staff knowledge base for Governance
  • Practice updates
  • Management and Reporting of all IG SIRI’s and ICO communication
  • Management of staff knowledge base for Governance

Once an organisation has signed up to this they will have access to the following template and documents that are updated on a regular basis:


The cost for this service is £400 (plus VAT) per organisation, for a 12 month contract.

We are able to offer this reduced rate as the help desk for this service will be managed by PCDC , and we are able to pass on the savings of economy of scale to all of the organisations we work with.

The 12 month contract will start on the 1st of the month that you sign up. An option to renew will be discussed towards the end of the contract.

We are also able to offer the DPO service to GP Federations, Dentists, Schools and other organisations.  For a quote please email us at info@pcdc.org.uk or call our office on 0115 838 6770.

If you decide to sign up to this, an invoice would be sent to you for payment and a contract will also be sent for you to complete and return to us. To start this, please complete and return the form below to us.